But my goodness, he is so cute.

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I can’t wait to see what Sean is like when he is an old man.

About to jump off a cliff

December 13, 2007 at 7:14 pm | Posted in Agitated, Home | Comments Off on About to jump off a cliff

The update is this:

We close on the house tomorrow. Or do we. We’re not sure.

Yesterday our realtor texted me at work to inform me that our mortgage broker has been trying to get in touch with Sean for two days. Um?

So I call him, knowing that there must be something awry; Sean wouldn’t ignore calls from our mortgage broker. So I call him. And he calls the mortgage broker.

Our dumb Manhattan bag lady realtor gave our mortgage broker the wrong phone number so we hadn’t gotten a single message to call. You would think someone would figure out that maybe they should call us at work? Email us maybe?

The important message was that our mortgage hasn’t gone through yet. Are you fucking kidding me? We were supposed to close last Monday and we were told two weeks ago that the mortgage was already all set.

So Sean sent the further documentation to our mortgage broker and now they are rushing to get us a mortgage by tomorrow@1:30PM.

These morons we are working with are ruining our life. Seriously. All we want is our stupid house and our sweet sweet puppy.

So, I called the realtor a few hours ago to check the status. Her exact words?

“Wellllll, no news. Oh well. But I have everyone I know praying for you.”

ARE YOU KIDDING ME? Unless Jesus is a mortgage lender, we’re still going to need you to do your job.

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