My sweetheart

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Out of sadness, joy.

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Sean’s aunt died this morning. He doesn’t know yet, and right now he is picking up his luggage and on his way home from the airport. His dad called this morning to tell me and asked me not to tell Sean until he got home, no need to make Sean dwell on the loss of a loved one as he sits on a three hour flight.

Although I’ve already talked to Sean twice today, he still is unaware. It has been hard not telling him, but his Dad is right…wait until he gets home.

While waiting for his plane to land, the lady from American Lab Rescue called me:

“We’ve received your application to adopt Oscar. Your application was wonderful. You and Sean will make the perfect home for Oscar. PS. He’s missing half an ear, but he is the most loving and well trained dog, do you still want him?”

I explained to the woman that YES! we want Oscar. But we won’t have our house until Wednesday, and Sean is unaware that his aunt died this morning. I asked her if we could wait a week or two before picking our new baby up for his new forever home.

No problem, she said, do you want to maybe meet Oscar beforehand? You could go see him today, the address is…

I’m hoping that when Sean comes home and I have to tell him about the loss of his very young aunt, Oscar will make him feel a little better. This is turning out to be quite a difficult holiday season thus far.

Mom’s cat Mary

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“I have my nativity all set up, and Mary goes and bats baby Jesus around. Poor baby Jesus.”

My niece sleep eating, age 1

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Haha! Isn’t this a side effect of Lunesta?

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