We bribed them with cereal

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Chillin’ in the garage

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Today, on the second coldest day in the history of the world, we cleaned out our garage. This morning after our yearly Christmas photo shoot with the kids, Kourtney came over and the three of us sorted through boxes as our fingers nearly fell off from frostbite.

In the garage we found yearbooks and baby books, photos and keepsakes which have been stored away for a decade.

I love looking through baby photos of Sean and his sisters. We play this game of guessing “is this Shannon or Kourtney” with each photo because his sisters are identical twins.

Standing outside in the cold all afternoon was totally worth the effort, these photos found of the three of them are fantastic:

Girlie and Uncle Sean

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Partying like it’s 2004 again

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We celebrated my buddy Chris’s 26th birthday tonight after work. Many of my coworkers and friends gathered in an apartment filled with loud music, rounds of slurping down shots, and a game of Bullshit. Ahh, and I thought college was dead.

It was fun though, really it was, albeit my elderly lifestyle didn’t want to go at first. Sean was out with the boys and as much as I felt like hitting the gas all the way home when six o’clock rolled round, I instead stopped at a packie to buy Chris a bottle of Bacardi.

So here we sat — new friends and old — around a card table with fuzzy green felt, playing silly drinking games and trying not to talk too loudly about a blonde girl named Tuesday who forgot to bring her brain to the party.

I remember back in the day when we would have thirty, forty, under aged college kids gathering in our common room, dancing on our coffee table, getting so sloshed that we were all thankful we attended a school with a bus line to escort us back to our dorms at 4am.

(I didn’t take this picture. I’m the one in blue and I can only assume we were singing some sort of dorky a cappella tune. Ahh, memories.)

Tonight was like a frat party. A very fun frat party. And my favorite part was when a handful of us gathered together outside at the end of the night to talk about how we felt out of place; we felt too old for this party. We knew that we had grown out of this stupid stage but it felt good to relive it all just for tonight.

When I grow up, I’m totally going to be that old granny who complains about kids these days.

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