The case of the cat called Rabies

November 28, 2007 at 10:31 pm | Posted in Friends, Memories | 6 Comments

During my lunch break, as I stood by my car in the parking lot, I was soon greeted by a mangy black cat circling my legs. The kitty was purring while meowing and obviously starving and sick. My friend Greg soon joined me in the parking lot, putting his hands up in the air from afar as if to ask me what the hell I was doing standing there with a cat.

Soon the cat was rubbing against Greg’s legs, too, and our hearts broke. It was Greg’s idea to take the cat to the nearby humane society and we immediately hopped in my car with cat in lap. We realized on the two minute drive over that the cat was much sicker than we thought, she started drooling. Lines of spit hung down her face as she sat quietly looking out my driver’s side window.

We pulled into the humane society with cat in hand and a woman wearing gloves ordered us outside with the cat so as not to contaminate the other kitties. I held this skinny drooling cat while a young boy was ordered to fetch us a cat carrier from a nearby shed.

They took the cat after I signed a waiver stating that I released custody.

On the drive home, Greg and I talked about all of the diseases we would catch from handling such a sick cat.

“Greg, do you think we are going to catch rabies?”


“Well then how about herpes? Can we catch herpes from a cat?”

We laughed. How silly of us. We didn’t get bitten or scratched by the cat, I am 100% sure we’re fine. We felt good for saving that sick starving kitty, but when we got back to work we washed our hands a thousand times over.

Stressball monkey meets Martha Stewart

November 28, 2007 at 10:07 am | Posted in Home, Memories, NaBloPoMo | 10 Comments

My dreams consist of our new house daily.  I can’t remember the last time I slept soundly because each night I visit our new house in my dreams and come up with elaborate decorating schemes.  I’ll paint this room this color, I’ll put this picture here, the couch will go here, where did I put that hammer?

I’m stressing, but in a different way than Sean is stressing.  He’s thinking about things like the OKay to close, appraisals, chimney dampers, $$$.  We’re smoking again, to be expected at a time like this, and feeling the pressure of having to move to a new house in less than two weeks and be out of our condo by January 1st.

Anyone want to join us for a paint party, say… two weeks from now? 🙂

Sensing a pattern

November 28, 2007 at 12:30 am | Posted in Love, Memories | 3 Comments


Goes to bed at ten.



Crawls into bed to snuggle with him before he starts snoring minutes later.

Lies awake for the next two hours thinking about anything but sleep.

Sneaks out of bed at twelve to browse the internet.

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