You need this rant

May 17, 2007 at 5:55 pm | Posted in Agitated, Employment, Uncategorized | 8 Comments

Today was a grade-A shitty day. The optimistic side of me says, wait a minute, it’s only 6:30, maybe it will improve. The sane part of me thinks that enough fecal matter has been dropped on today that nothing, aside from a newly appointed engagement ring or a giant bowl of heath bar-filled ice cream, could make today better.

I woke up late. Seriously? I can’t remember the last time I did that. I was twenty minutes late for work and my bosses were taking bets as to what had happened to me: she quit because of your yelling, her car broke down, she’s drunk. If those two sweet loud elderly bosses of mine knew me at all they would know that these scenarios are simply impossible. I am not easy to scare off (unless you hit me), I drive a nice new CR-V that can’t break down because it is a Honda, and I rarely drink. I simply was enjoying the dream that I was having and had to finish it before real life kicked me awake.

Since my bosses didn’t really seem to care that I was late, I spent the rest of the day wallowing in ex-Catholic guilt about how terrible a person I am to value those few minutes of sleep over my job. So thanks to Jesus, I kissed their ass for the rest of the day to make up for my downfalls. I took a short lunch, waited in a ridiculous line at the post office to buy them 41¢ stamps, and repaired all of their pool filters. I let them yell at me on occasion, and didn’t complain when I cut three of my fingers.

And then the cloudy rainy wet weather came. And suddenly everything that could make me sad in the world mixed itself in those raindrops and made me feel like crying for absolutely no reason at all except that I am a failure and I once called my professor “dude” and there are people starving in this world while I own a 5lb container of macaroni salad.

And then there was the traffic, and the lady at the gas station who gave me the wrong brand of cigarettes. And when I went to take my first shower of the day, covered in grease and dirt and crushed diatomaceous earth from the filters, my roommate turned on the washing machine and the shower water spewed cold remnants of heat.

And the moral of all of this bitching is this: I feel fine now that I’ve written it all down. How silly it was of me to think that my life was over because I had a stupid day. This is why blogging is cool, people. This macaroni salad is damn good.

Tell me how your day was.


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  1. Oh! My poor sister! Today was great. Much better. I’ve been busy and crabby, but I was nicer today! I had a short class day. that helped. LOL.

  2. (((Lauren))). Too many turds in your punchbowl today, Sweetie. And what is that saying..some days you’re the dog, and some days you’re the hydrant?

    I’m so glad there was light at the end of the tunnel for you today. And yes, writing it all down DOES help. It certainly is cheaper than therapy. 🙂

    My day? Cleaning my craft supplies out of my younger sons room, as he comes home from college tomorrow. And I can’t move it in to his older brothers room, yet, as he does graduate next weekend, but will be home for a month before moving to NYC for a job. sigh. So today didn’t suck for me, but it was an emotional one… really trying to ‘let go’ of my first born as he begins a new phase of his life. For us Moms? You all, no matter how old you are, will always be our babies.

    Oops, wrote a book here…

  3. CL: Yay for short class days. You? Crabby? I don’t see it. Also, I think my hair is much longer than yours.

    Annie: I can see where a son returning from school only to leave again can be devastating and also wonderful. You’re proud of him, but you don’t want to let go. I don’t think people his age, and mine, really understand how hard our growing up is on our parents. We see it as a rite, an act of passage; you see it as a loss of your child into that great big world. But you once went through this with your parents, and you know that it must be done. I wish I was there to give you a little squeeze and reassure you that he won’t be gone forever. Indeed, he will always be your baby.

  4. I find the rain really cool as long as I don’t have to be wet. As long as my basement isn’t soaked or my roof isn’t leaking, I’ll sit inside and watch everything get wet.

  5. my day has since improved… still cramming for my exam, woopie.

  6. My weekend is not happening on account of Wendy doing the Moonwalk in London (26 mile walk through the night wearing a bra in aid of breast cancer research)…

    I have had a stressful week, and am going to have another one next week. I would have liked to have had this weekend “off” but am not. I will be up all night tonight probably, and in Hyde Park in London at 7am tomorrow morning for the finish of the event.

    That’s how my day is going… it’s not.

  7. I have never had one real life friend comment on my blog. This is too cool.

  8. Oops, I must take that back. I’ve never had a “in real life” friend who did not meet me through my blog or some other online method comment on my blog. Whew. Had to clarify.

    I think it’s cool that your friends and family can find you here.

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