Traveling to the red barn

May 1, 2007 at 9:18 pm | Posted in dreams, Employment, Photographs | 5 Comments

Ah, the new job. It’s fine, really. My bosses are elderly and I am working at a pool, spa, and fencing company. I think I had this same job when I was sixteen, except I am making a whole lot more money. I am not allowed to swim at work, although there are pools there. I don’t plan on working there long, but it is starting to grow on me. I’m not being sexually harassed and my boss has yet to hit me on the back. I enjoy the chemistry aspect of getting to test water samples. Hooray for silly temp jobs!

I took Sean to see my old stomping grounds tonight. We drove to the little red barn where I spent most of my college years landscaping the university.

I love that red barn as if it were a member of my family. I love it for the memories and the hardships, I love how the paint is chipping and the fence out front has been half torn down by having been hit one too many times with the trucks. I love the people who work there and although they were long gone by the time we arrived tonight, I could feel them sitting next to me on the picnic bench.

There is something sacred about that barn. Something that makes my heart sink a little knowing that I can no longer spend all of my waking moments there.

I like my new job. I do. It is simple–like Landscape. But I know that as I continue my job search I will never find a home again. That red barn was my home.


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  1. Bah, never say never. What if you become a famous freelance photographer and get to work from home? Then, you’ll be home, right? Bet you didn’t think of that. Ok, enough semantics for one night.

  2. Oh I get it! How are your smelly feet?

  3. It’s nice that you’re in a place that makes you feel so comfortable. That’s important!

  4. Laur, Honey ye will find many “homes” in your life. I know because I have had dreams that changed and have learned to find my many paths in life. The good news is. You will allways have those “homes” in your heart and they come along with you. 🙂 Love, A,Sanny

  5. And I’ll always have the pictures. 🙂

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