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April 27, 2007 at 9:05 am | Posted in Love for the internet, Photographs, silly pants | 7 Comments

Dakota Fanning looks like me when I was a child. She is what I imagine having a twin feels like, only we are a decade or so apart in age. Every time I see her in a movie, I get very excited because hot damn, I used to look just like that. These pictures aren’t a prime example of comparison–Dakota is the one in the middle–but you can sort of see how one might’ve confused us if we had a time machine.

I don’t have many videos from when I was little. In fact, I have one. It is of a shotty piano and dance performance that was put on by my fifth grade choir. I’m just starting the awkward stages and it is obvious that my feet and my bangs were getting too big for my ten-year-old body. So I like to watch Dakota’s videos and pretend like they are my own.

Since I am a person who likes to document everything with photos and video (don’t act surprised), I value pictures of me as a little girl. In fact, if there was a fire in my house and I had to save one thing, I’d grab the box of the ten photos I have of me as a baby, even though they’re not the best quality. Knowing that I could still sort of remember what I looked like through Dakota if I lost all of my concrete memories in a fire makes me feel very at ease.

Seeing Dakota makes me giddy. My grandmother and I once sat through “I am Sam” and had to pause it in the middle to go dig out baby photos of me because we were astonished at how much Dakota resembled a little me.

Poor Sean. We watched “Men on Fire” last night. That is an incredible movie I suggest everyone rent. But every time Dakota did something–swim, sleep, hug her teddy bear, play her piano–I’d tell Sean a story about when I did those things, and “Look! I looked just like that when I played my piano!”

I tell Sean that he looks like Simon Cowell.

He hates that.

Who do people tell you that you look like? Do you see the similarities or do you think that those people have lost their minds because you couldn’t possibly look like that.


Oooh, Jessy, you’re right. Sean does sort of look like Russell Crowe.

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