Meaghan and Elvis

April 25, 2007 at 8:57 pm | Posted in Friends, Video | 2 Comments

Meaghan called last night and asked if she could crash at my place tonight. She has a late rehearsal and shouldn’t have to drive the hour home afterwards. I hope she comes even if we won’t get to see much of each other before sleep kicks in.

Meaghan is my best friend. She shares that title with Brie. I love when the two of them come over because I never have to clean the house. They don’t expect me to, and my home will always be their home. I scrubbed the tub a little though, because it’s always nice to take a refreshing shower in the morning with a brand new feeling bathtub.

I couldn’t possible sum up all of my love for her in a simple blog post so I’ve made you a little movie of some Meggie fun so that you can see for yourself.

I just cut my gums on an Oreo cookie. Why is it that the mouth can be pouring blood one second and fine the next? We should patent a way to use the fast healing time of the mouth to heal the rest of the body. Then a torn limb would only bleed for a second. I know I am filled with great ideas.

Holy crap! American Idol has Celine Dion singing a duet with Elvis on stage. How did they do that? That is really Elvis forty years ago. I’m intrigued. If anyone knows how that performanc was made, let me in on the secret.

Your great ideas and tales of your best friend in comments.

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