A sister Saturday

April 21, 2007 at 6:14 pm | Posted in Photographs, sisters | 6 Comments

I drove down to the city to spend the day yet again with Carrie and Laura. I love that they are both nurses because when I have a cold, as I do, they listen to my lungs and take extra special care of me. They also don’t distance themselves just because I am sick, instead they are full of hugs and kisses. I love them.

Romance in the hallway

Me and Carrie and Titan in the new kitchen (taken by Laura)

I’ve been dying to see one of these new weird Star Wars mailboxes in person!

A tree at Yale

Carrie is flashing the “Volkeswagen” symbols

A somber Carrie and Laura sit on the porch reading about the Virginia Tech victims

We had so much fun! I love hanging out with them. We’re doing it again next Saturday. And how about this weather! Hope you got outside today.

And here’s the video:


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  1. Excellent post (yet again)… I will admit that the first photo caused me to look more than once (and yes, you can slap my wrist for that) haha

    I’m going to vote your blog into next year’s webby awards…

  2. What a great day! I miss being able to just hang out with my sisters.

  3. I can’t believe how skinny Carrie is…. Carrie What is your secret? Please tell your old aunt MJ!!!
    Miss you and love you.
    Aunt Mary Jane

  4. Hehe, Aunt Mary: Her secret is that she stopped drinking beer and now runs like a bagillion miles a day. Miss you back. Girls day soon? Xoxoxoxo

  5. A girls day sounds great! Elizabeth was just talking about it.
    Love Aunt Mary

  6. Ahh Carrie my irish neice.. I think once you listened to Lauren’s irish music your feet did an automatic jig!! I love you girls and yep we will have a wonderful “Girls Day” The trouble is just getting us all together.. I love all you girls in our wonderful loving family.. A. Sanny

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