When heaven calls

April 17, 2007 at 3:46 pm | Posted in dreams, family, Sean | 10 Comments

My grandmother called me last night in my dreams. Although she passed away back in 2005, she frequently still visits me while I’m asleep. I awake from these dreams surrounded by an overwhelming sense of peace. My grandmother has been my guardian angel ever since I was a little girl. She has always been by my side and remained with me even after she lost her battle with cancer.

So last night she called me.  I asked her how things were going in Heaven and she told me that she was having fun and was happy to be back with my grandfather, but she missed her family. She misses her sisters and brothers, her daughters, her grandchildren, her sons. “That’s okay Gram,” I said, “You know you can always visit when you get lonely.”

After we talked for a few minutes, my grandmother told me that she had a message for me. Actually, this message was for Sean.

“Sean’s mom is here with me” my grandmother said, “and she is lovely. So beautiful. She wants me to have you tell Sean that she is sorry that she missed out on his games and that she loves him.”


When I saw Sean for lunch, I told him the message and asked him if it made sense.

He smiled a little and told me that since his mother had gotten really sick with cancer, she had missed out on most of his hockey games from when he was about fourteen years old.

I’d like to believe that my grandmother is taking care of Sean’s mom and vice versa. Somehow the idea that she visits me makes that loss of death a little easier, because she stays in my heart. And it makes me feel great that our families are getting to know each other, even in Heaven.

Do you dream of your angels?


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  1. That is such a touching dream. I have dreams of my maternal grandmother, but she does not say much. We were not that close, although I regret it now that she’s gone. She died unexpectedly in the hospital. She was supposed to go home when she passed away in her sleep. I didn’t get to visit her in the hospital, and it was a long time before I could accept that I will no longer be able to see her or hear her laugh (we share the same laugh). I miss her because she had a great sense of humor even when she was sick. How I wish I tell her that
    she was great and we all miss her.

  2. Joi, I’m sure she knows. My grandmother died in Mississippi, and although I knew she was going to die and that she was very sick I didn’t call her to say goodbye. A part of me didn’t want to say goodbye, and I couldn’t handle speaking to her during her last few weeks. I felt guilty about not calling her for a while. But then I realized that anything we would’ve said, we both knew already. And you know that a part of your grandma lives on in you.

    I’m absolutely sure that your grandma knows.

  3. My father died when I was nine. I never really got to know him as my parents divorced when I was pretty little and so my mom raised five girls by herself. Anyway, when I was about to be married I was telling my soon-to-be husband that while I was happy that my mom would be walking me down the aisle and be my matron of honor, I was a little sad that my dad couldn’t give me away. A few nights later, I dreamt that my dad and I were walking down this massive flight of stairs outdoors and at the bottom of the stairs was my husband, waiting for me. I was in a white dress and while I couldn’t see the face of my father, I knew it was him. He put my hand in my husband’s hand and then we walked away.

    There is no question in my mind that that really happened and that my dad came to me in my dreams. It was very bittersweet.

  4. What a great dream Charlotte! And a wonderful way for your Dad to be there for you on such a special occassion.

  5. Hi,
    I have these dreams about my Grandmother as well. I believe she was my guardian angel since I was young. She died in 1997 when I was 12, but when she was still in the hospital very sick I would pray that she live to see me get married, or, if she did have to die, then she would be my guardian angel forever. She has visited me in my dreams a few times, but it seems every time it happens I am so excited to tell everyone, and then it doesn’t happen again for a long time. The most recent one was last year, where I awoke in a half-conscious state and knew she was there but could not see her or hear her, and it was as if a blank TV screen was in front of my eyes. I asked (in my mind) if that was her, and on that blank screen it was as if a page of words came up and the word “yes” highlighted in yellow. Then I asked her how Heaven was and the page changed and the word “Good” was highlighted. The dream continued with several questions and answers, but I woke up unable to remember what they were.
    I am glad that other people get to enjoy these experiences, I only wish it happened more often for me.

    PS) Congrats on leaving that crazy job – I would have gotten arrested for hitting the boss right back!

  6. My grandfather sometimes comes to me in my dreams.
    But he doesn’t say anything.
    He just looks at me and waves.

    Kind of fun, but very odd.

    And every time I dream of him, my grandmother has a dream of him the same night. It’s just like him to save “time” by hitting us both in the same night.

  7. Jessy: That sounds like a wonderful dream. It seems your gram doesn’t want you to question, she is there to tell you the answers even if you may not remember them all when you wake up.

    And Jule: I think it is incredible how a loved one can visit more than one person in a dream. I was talking to my sister yesterday and she said that she dreams of both of my grandparents. Oddly enough, I don’t dream of my grandpa.

  8. Do I dream of angels? Not really… that sounds really sad, doesn’t it.

    My dreams never make any sense at all – a series of disjointed, crazily connected chunks of story with random characters appearing where they really shouldn’t.

  9. Hi Laur, That was a wonderful dream. I believe my mom is around us and can see what is happening around us. I miss her soo much and my dad too. I haven never gotten over losing Eric and Mary Elizabeth also. I do get some peace to know that she is with them also. Im not afraid of death. (I am of dying lol) But I do know that they are wating for me and I will go in God’s time not mine. I know my mom was in your corner and knew all the stuff that I refused to believe. Im soo sorry for that. That will NEVER happen again and hey Laur, my sisters, Lizzy,and I are your living guarding angels. All you have to do is call us.. We will be there!1 I love you..A.Sanny

  10. I had dreams occasionally when I was 20-21-ish… but I was in college then and I slept more regularly. For some reason I was compelled to read a lot of spiritual/metaphysical literature that continues to impact my life to this day. I had a dream about a guardian angel named Mark/Marcos. Or of things that were about to happen to me. Since I’ve entered the working world I’ve been too stressed to generate the dreams regularly. I never “see” ancestors/relatives but I have felt their presence in my life whenever I’ve truly needed it. Occasionally I have a deep dream on vacations… but it’s much rarer now.

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