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Check it out! I added 100 things about me to my sidebar. It took me all night. Coming up with 100 things is harder than I thought.

In comments, give me five facts about you. Anything.  And then go check it out.

When heaven calls

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My grandmother called me last night in my dreams. Although she passed away back in 2005, she frequently still visits me while I’m asleep. I awake from these dreams surrounded by an overwhelming sense of peace. My grandmother has been my guardian angel ever since I was a little girl. She has always been by my side and remained with me even after she lost her battle with cancer.

So last night she called me.  I asked her how things were going in Heaven and she told me that she was having fun and was happy to be back with my grandfather, but she missed her family. She misses her sisters and brothers, her daughters, her grandchildren, her sons. “That’s okay Gram,” I said, “You know you can always visit when you get lonely.”

After we talked for a few minutes, my grandmother told me that she had a message for me. Actually, this message was for Sean.

“Sean’s mom is here with me” my grandmother said, “and she is lovely. So beautiful. She wants me to have you tell Sean that she is sorry that she missed out on his games and that she loves him.”


When I saw Sean for lunch, I told him the message and asked him if it made sense.

He smiled a little and told me that since his mother had gotten really sick with cancer, she had missed out on most of his hockey games from when he was about fourteen years old.

I’d like to believe that my grandmother is taking care of Sean’s mom and vice versa. Somehow the idea that she visits me makes that loss of death a little easier, because she stays in my heart. And it makes me feel great that our families are getting to know each other, even in Heaven.

Do you dream of your angels?

The verdict

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Well, thanks to your wonderful comments, I called the staffing company this morning and told them I would no longer be working for the imaging company with the boss who hits. And although it was a big step for me to take–I don’t like to tread on the lives of others–I told the staffing company about my reasons for leaving: the boss hit me, the dogs, the boss telling the dog to bite me. The staffing company seemed a little upset that I didn’t call them last night immediately after it happened but they told me to call tomorrow and they would try to place me in another work environment.

So thank you for all of your comments. After thinking about it all last night and talking it over with Sean, we decided that I certainly shouldn’t be in a hostile work environment. I didn’t feel safe.  I’ll find something, a good job, and when I do we can all celebrate with ice cream.

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