When opportunity knocks, it pours

April 13, 2007 at 1:17 pm | Posted in Employment, Happy | 20 Comments

This is a happy post.

I hate being unemployed. It’s lonely, and boring, and although I can sleep in as late as I want I find myself wanting nothing but to be in a tiny cubicle grunting under my breath about how unfair the work environment can be. I wouldn’t mind being hired by a fast food chain at this point. I’d make a good dog walker or paper clip organizer. I would do anything to relieve this boredom.

So I decided to try out a staffing agency to further along my job search. They hire people on a temp to hire basis and I figured any job at this point would boost my energy level.

My interview with the temp agency was for 11 this morning. Upon my arrival I noticed that I was the only hopeful wearing a business suit. Some applicants were even in jeans and sneakers. No problem, I thought as I handed my watermarked resumé to the interviewer.

But after filling out some forms and speaking with the interviewer for several minutes, she informed me that there would be no openings for me because I didn’t have at least two years of office experience. Hmpfh. There is nothing more fun than being told that you are pretty much a lost cause at the start of an interview.

She asked me if I still wanted to take the computer tests–typing, data entry, basic spelling, alphabetizing–to see if I had any chance of getting an office job. The chances were slim.

I felt as if I was just told that I had a terminal disease and there was little hope for survival. I certainly wasn’t going to give up–although I thought about it–without a fight. I told the woman that I am a quick learner and can do any job that I put my mind to. I told her I’d like to take the tests, thank you.

So how’d I do? I scored a 97% on the alpha-numeric data entry, a 100% on numeric data entry alone, a 94% on the basic spelling (I spelled the words “occasion” and “necessary” wrong–I’m ashamed to be representing English majors everywhere), and I typed 60 words per minute. Basically, I blew the tests out of the water. The average percentiles ranged from 60-80% and I scored in the high nineties.

And so the interviewer’s tone of voice changed within seconds of getting the results. She offered me a data entry position for an imaging company and I start Monday. It feels good to have beaten the odds. Experience isn’t everything, especially for an English-slash-computer geek.

And on top of all that new job goodness, my buddy the photographer asked me if I can photograph a wedding with him in a few weeks. You mean I get paid to do what I love? Should I think about it and get back to you? My answer is yes.

The sound of opportunity is such sweet, sweet, music to my ears. Maybe now I’ll be able to come up with more interesting blog topics.

Let me sum this ramble up: I got a job. Well, two possibly–if you consider wedding photography a job…I consider it a lot of fun. I start this new job on Monday.

The moral: Don’t tell a feisty girl that she can’t do something. She may just get a perfect score on your silly data entry exam. It’s incredible what a person can do once told she cannot.

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