“Father/Daughter” day

April 3, 2007 at 8:35 pm | Posted in family | 5 Comments

I spent the day helping Sean’s dad run errands. He was out a car and I was glad to help. I have been a part of Sean’s family since the moment Sean and I became an “us” and they have accepted me with open arms— I’ve had more conversations with Sean’s dad in the past year than I have had with my own father in the last five years.

When I quit my job at the post office under less-than-ideal circumstances, Sean’s dad called me immediately and asked if I wanted to file a law suit. He told me that he’d talk to a lawyer on my behalf if I was too stressed. I thanked him and declined the offer, but knowing that someone could care about me-as a father would-meant all the world.

I see a lot of Sean in his father’s characteristics. They are both history buffs, kind and loving men, and they have an overabundant sense of family values. I am comfortable kicking my shoes off and handing Sean’s dad the keys to my new car. And even though he is a gentleman, he still feels comfortable enough to say the word “prick” in front of me. I like that.

As Sean and I sat around the house tonight, I told him all of the funny things that his dad and I talked about during our day travels. Sean laughed and then smiled, and said, “That’s great Sweetie! I’m glad he had a chance to spend some quality time with his future daughter-in-law.”

My heart couldn’t be more full. I welcome this family with open arms.

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