The job hunt continues…

March 30, 2007 at 2:41 pm | Posted in Employment | 4 Comments

Forget Easter egg hunts this year. I’m on the hunt for a new job. And the hunt has been going quite well lately. It seems I have more interviews than I can schedule time for. And now the waiting begins. The job will go to the highest bidder. C’mon people, how much am I worth to your company?

I had an interview today with a company that I love. They’re offering me a huge oak desk and an even bigger opportunity. Well, they haven’t offered it to me yet–the position doesn’t even exist–but they want to. The interview lasted nearly TWO HOURS. That’s one hour and fifty-five minutes longer than my interview on Tuesday.

I met with three interviewers at this company and found myself having a hard time running out of things to say. We literally could talk for hours. That’s how cool this company is.

One of the men told me that his mother-in-law was a third grade teacher in my elementary school. I remembered her well, although never had her myself, and asked him if he knew the other third grade teacher at Central Ave..

We recalled the woman I had for third grade, Mrs. Goggin, who was a dear friend of his mother-in-laws.

“Oh Mrs. Goggin was a wonderful woman, but sadly she died three months after she retired.” he informed

“Oh that’s too bad,” I replied, “she was nice enough. But the thing I most remember about her is that she was always picking her nose.” [Sometimes I am afraid I am too honest]

The interviewer laughed and said that he had to tell his mother-in-law that gossip.

It seems we live in a smaller world than I thought.

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