Sister day

March 29, 2007 at 8:48 pm | Posted in family, Happy, Love, Photographs, sisters | 6 Comments

I drove to the city to see Carrie-Lynn (and Titan the cat) today.  We went for a lovely hike and then to IKEA for lunch.  The weather was perfect, as was the Swedish food that we ate.

We had a little talk about how having a sister is a wonderful thing.  We are best friends for life and no matter what happens, she will always be there for me and I for her.

We’ve always been close.  Even when she broke my leg pushing me down the stairs, and during the countless times she kicked the crap out of me, or scalded me with hot water in the shower, or threw me out of her room for trying to hang out with her and her very cool friends; even when she put on my doll’s diaper and peed in it.

We were sisters when I threw her soccer trophy at her knee, when I hit her in her newly developing bosoms with one of her crutches, or threw a piano bench at her, or read her diary in sixth grade and screamed out YOU LOVE SO AND SO! in front of everyone during a fight.

We will always have that competition for the longer hair, as if the length of our hair symbolizes the secret power that we wish to hold over the other.  We will always look the same, confuse those who call us on the telephone because they can’t tell us apart, wear the same silly expressions on our face when we read poetry aloud.

We have a history.  A sister history.  And it is ours and only ours.  We will always have our memories, and each other.

I am thankful to have a sister like mine.

Who are you thankful for?


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  1. My brother… who tells me everything lately. And I am not able to really help. But I´m glad he trusts me.

  2. How very lucky you both are not only to have each other, but to have such a wonderful and strong bond.
    Hugs to both of you!

  3. I have no siblings but the voices in my head are there with me through it all.

  4. My sisters, I have three. They’re all leaving me soon to try something new, and I’m very sad. This post was very timely for me.

  5. Laur, I too have 2 wonderful sisters and I totaly know what you mean. No matter what. We are truly there for each other. My sister Karen is the oldest sister and has a wonderful heart and put up with all “my pain in the ass sisterness”.. We used to smoke together and borrow clothes and I had a glass of wine with her and a boyfriend of hers and fell into the toliet.. I used to hide under our bed with a friend of mine and when this friend’s cousin and Karen would talk about boys. I would repeat word for work their converstaions.. Yep I was a doozy.. My baby sister Mary Jane is the sister who also has a wonderful heart and will allways be “the baby” in the family. I was such a shit to her and we would fight some good fights.We have grown up and I have realized just how special and unique my sisters are. Im still the “middle feisty crazy sister”(I SHOULD HAVE BEEN BORN WITH RED HAIR) but all our qualities just mesh together. I will allways treasure my sisters. I love you and Carrie and my Lizzy. Liz and I went to NYC last Saturday and we were saying we would love to have a girl gathering as the woman in our family are all connected no matter what happens in our lives. I love you all!! My daughter, sisters and neices..

  6. I have no sisters, but I have two younger brothers: one is 12 years younger and the other one is 20 years younger. I have always wished that I had a sister, but I’ve always had wonderful girlfriends and I love them like sisters. I am thankful for my girlfriends who have been there for me thru the heartbreaks, the celebrations…for simply making life more colorful.

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