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March 27, 2007 at 4:24 pm | Posted in Employment, Love, Photographs, Sean, Video | 11 Comments

Those of you who know me are aware of my constant sap, you know that I am an art fart and a lover of literature. For those of you that know me personally, you know that I am always nervous.

Today was interview #1 and, as usual, the butterflies in my stomach started last night. I told Sean that I wanted to take him with me in my briefcase because he comforts me unlike anything in the world. He told me to bring a picture and that he’d be with me in my heart. And so I was reminded of the E.E. Cummings poem, I carry your heart with me.

So while I was putting on my suit this morning and printing out my resumé, I printed out a copy of this poem.

I arrived to the interview forty-five minutes early and so drove to a nearby park to wait. The neighborhood–ahem, industrial park–of this job is really nice, and there is a daycare located in the same building complex which probably makes it a safe place to work. Everything about the area is green and springlike and smells new. So I’ll be hoping to get a call back for a second (out of 3, yuck) interview with them.

While at the park, I kept calm by trying to memorize this poem and thinking of Sean as I read it. This method of relaxation sounds so sappy, but I guess love will do that to a person. I was calm, I was happy, and I felt so mentally powerful I could own the company in which I was applying. Is this what yoga feels like?

Although it went wonderfully the interview was over way too quickly. Five minutes, maybe six at most. There were at least four other people waiting to be interviewed after me, but fortunately there are several positions which need to be filled.

Among the other candidates in the office, I was the only one wearing a suit and carrying a brief case. The others had stapled their resumés together and were wearing not-so-professional outfits. Bonus points for me? I hope they call me back.

The interviewer, we’ll call her Holly Hobbit–because everyone who works here has an alliteration in their name–had cold hands and kept apologizing for them. She seemed young and yet mentioned that she was one of the older employees of the firm; the average age being 22-27.

Holly Hobbit asked me several questions, my favorite being: “What are you not looking for in a firm?” because I thought it was quite unique for her flip the question in which every employer asks during an interview and focus on what I don’t want in a company. I told her that I don’t want to work for a company in which employees are treated like numbers. I’ve worked in that environment before and put up with it for two months until I realized that no one I had been working for even knew that I had a name.

She smiled as she shook my hand as I left and once again apologized for her cold hands.

So while I wait to hear from them I thought you might like to share in my poem of the day.  Here is I carry your heart with me. I apologize that I am the one reading it–trust me, I sincerely apologize–but I couldn’t find an mp3 of E.E. Cummings himself reading his poem.

Thanks to all of you, especially Erica for offering me help with my resumé, who have stuck by me this month. You’re all so great!

In comments: Who is your favorite poet? Or, if you’d rather, what is your favorite poem? Educate me people.


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