Chief Little Balls

March 24, 2007 at 9:38 pm | Posted in Love, Sean | 4 Comments

I am proud to be Sean’s hairdresser. He is lucky. I have to drive to a salon, make small talk with a stanger, and pay her big money to gently trim my hair with the end result sometimes being unnoticable to the naked eye. He gets to walk into the bathroom and get his hair cut for free by a woman he finds very attractive.

It took a lot of persuading Sean to shave his head for the first time. Well, it took nearly three weeks of him dwelling on it before he decided that he wanted to cut off his 80’s bangs. He does not make quick decisions and plans his every next move months before he makes it.

I am so the opposite. I change on a whim constantly. I don’t mind rearranging my room once a month, cutting my hair–or letting Sean cut my hair–even when it doesn’t need it, or leaving the house without knowing where I am going.

A few hours ago I suggested to Sean as I was about to cut his hair that we should totally use the 1/16″ guard on the trimmer rather than the usual number one. He wouldn’t have it. How could I possibly suggest changing our routine and his hair length? No way. No possible way.

Halfway through his haircut I said, “c’mon sweetie, be a man, cut your hair short for fun, live a little.”

He said no. That I could cut his hair with a number one guard and then maybe I could go back and fade the sides with a 1/16″.

“Okay sweetie.” I replied. And then I joked and cracked an evil smile:
Or should I call you Chief Little Balls?

Needless to say, he had me cut his hair short.

(PS. He loves the haircut)

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