Is this for real?

March 22, 2007 at 1:19 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 6 Comments

Check out this job application I found this morning. Who would seriously apply for this? First of all, looking for a BABE? Can we say sexual harrassment? And $1 an hour? This must be a joke.


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  1. I’ll have to ask Chris if he thinks my backend is SQL.

    Scintillating Quarry of Love?
    Seriously Quite Luscious?
    Some Quick Love?

    Whatever, I know it’s worth more than a buck an hour.

  2. I think it stands for SeQuetly Lucious.

  3. SomeQualityLumps.

    So tell us why your job search keywords were “Babe” and “hourly”? That doesn’t sound like photography to me (although there might be pictures involved).

  4. 🙂 My job search words were “Administrative” and “Hartford”. Sadly, I forgot about my dream of becomming a babe.

  5. So are you saying you didn’t apply then?

  6. In the same way that people act as trolls on forums, this would appear to be a similar thing… no way it is real.

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