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March 20, 2007 at 7:11 pm | Posted in dreams, family, Love | 12 Comments

My grandmother visited me in my dreams last night. She does this once in a while and I tend to view it as a welcoming sign that she is still looking over me, nearly two years after she passed away.

The dream was of a summer picnic at her house and although my father was in attendance with his wife, they chose to distance themselves and sat at a picnic table far away from the rest of our family. It all seemed very fitting at this point in my life where I am finally a part of my extended family again after years of being the black sheep and my father is fighting with everyone he has ever loved. It seems the tables have turned.

There were babies at this picnic and I rocked a little girl in my arms throughout the dream. My grandmother hugged me tight just before I woke up and told me that I would make an incredible mother someday. And then she looked at me with this all-knowing glow about her and I knew that she has been watching over us. She’s seen the rivalries that are popping up between our once close-knit family and she knows who is at fault. And yet she gleamed pure love from her sweet southern heart, just as she did while she was alive.

I guess my point is this: she will always be my angel and I have to know in my heart that when she comes to me in my dreams and tells me that she is proud of who I am, I must be doing something right. My unemployed, fish-loving, happy-in-Love self is actually still making my gram proud.

And that is worth more than all of the money in the world.

Here’s a treat for you all. It is a clip of my gram singing one of her favorite southern songs:

And you wondered where I got my character from.

And for those of you who are interested in learning more about her life, I’ll let her tell her life story:

In comments: Who is your angel?


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  1. thank you for sharing that. it was nice to see how you value your grandmother, and the dream.


  2. I think you are still a unique character there dear. Cool that you feel so connected to your grandmother.

  3. How lovely. 🙂 My angel is my uncle who died when I was 11 years old. He shows up as a feeling — I just know when he’s around. He has not appeared in any dream for as long as I can remember. In fact, the real angels of my life don’t show up in dreams, I think because I don’t have anything to work out about them. If a person stars in my dream, it’s usually because I have some unresolved issue with him/her. I think I like your way better. 🙂

  4. I sometimes dream of my grandfather (my dad’s dad). He died when I was 15 but whenver I dream about it, I don’t remember that. I’m always sitting in his kitchen and he’s feeding me some kind of meal, and I always wake up remembering that I just feel so…happy.

    It’s nice, isn’t it?

  5. What I lovely post!! It’s really nice to have an angel especially nowadays that almost everyone forgets which the true values of life are.

    Well, I don’t know if have an angel, but I certainly love my grandparents. I’m really afraid of losing them someday… 😦

  6. That is so beautiful, you are very lucky to have dreams like that. Hold on to them.
    My angels are my parents. My father died 10 years ago this March 16th, he doesn’t come to me that often. He was big into lottery tickets, so every once in a while I will find a stray one.
    My Mother passed away on December 9th. It hurts. I feel a sense of peace though when I think of her. She came to me once in a dream. Other times I can just feel her. When I’m cooking I swear I hear her telling me how much spices to add to something. Very strange.

  7. I’m glad your grandmother is there to remind you that you should be proud of yourself. How’d that southern lady end up in New England, by the way?

  8. My gramp was stationed in the south and my grandmother, who grew up on a farm in Mississippi met him at a party. And then they moved to Naugatuck–where my grampa was from. 🙂

  9. I’m not sure I really have an angel… maybe I haven’t looked.

    My grandfather is a continual source of stories and laughter at family memories involving him, but I don’t recall him appearing in dreams.

    If anything, I find myself wandering through people’s lives, helping here and there. I’ve never really thought about that before…

  10. What a sweet post and beautiful picture.

    My angel is my best friend from high school who died 13 years ago yesterday.

  11. Lauren,
    What a beautiful tribute to my mother. I have dreams about her all the time. I really do feel she is looking over all us as well. I know she loved you SO much and was always so proud of you and all of your many talents.
    Aunt Mary Jane

  12. Laur. Aunt Mary is right. She was so proud of you and loved all her children and grandchildren soo very much.She believed and fought for you,when noone else did, and Im sorry I was deceived into beliving a lie and not fighting for you also. Her family, was what was most important to her. She was a very wise woman who could read peoples hearts. She told us what was going on and I was too niave to believe her.. She is your angel Laur, along with Eric and Jonathan your cousins.. I truly believe that they are “just ahead” of us on this journey of life. And this life is soo very short.I hope when I leave this place I hope I have made someone elses life a little bit better. I think that is why we are placed here. I love you.. Love,A.Sanny

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