We didn’t win.

March 18, 2007 at 9:28 pm | Posted in dreams | 5 Comments

HGTV has been holding a dream home giveaway contest for the past few months and tonight the winner of this fabulous 2.5 million dollar house in Colorado was announced; it wasn’t us.

I’m not sure why we had our hopes up at all. Sean and I both entered via email each day for about two months, we sent a postcard entry and I photoshopped a photo of the two of us standing in front of the dream home for the cover. We put a lot of wishing into this contest and tonight our hopes were dashed.

We should be happy for the guy who won, he seemed very thrilled. But while we were home all day waiting for the contest winner to be announced, crossing our fingers and looking out the window all night on the rare chance that the satellite truck with host and camera in tow was parked outside, the guy was out eating dinner at a local joint. He didn’t even watch the special! Rub it in buddy, feel free to reach in our chests to steal our hearts.

We went outside after the show and stood on a giant snow pile and laughed our silent heartbreak away:

“It’s probably good that we didn’t win” I said, “I might’ve shit myself from all of the excitement”

“They must have something written in the clause about that” Sean answered, “Quote: If you shit your pants when we show up at your door, you get nothing.”

I’m almost glad we didn’t win. Rich people are too busy worrying about taxes and bills to have any fun. And millionaires can’t say the word ‘shit’.


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  1. About half an hour before the show, I asked my husband if we should look out the front window to see if the HGTV winner’s van was outside. He said that they would be more clever than that. We didn’t win, either. But then, we didn’t photoshop ourselves into a picture of the house. I think should at least win a shack not far from the Dream House, just for the effort!

  2. I’m not so sure about your reasoning. You can be rich and say shit. Who knows one day it might all come true.

  3. Wow, that is a pretty house. Keep dreaming; it is good for you.

  4. My Dad is a millionaire on paper, and he says lots of words that children aren’t allowed to say.

    One memorable time my cousin (aged about 7) went to go to the bathroom, and came back saying it smelled really bad in there.

    Dad replied “doesn’t your shit stink then?” – and my cousin burst into tears 🙂

  5. No, I think millionaires (at least multi-millionaires) are allowed to say the word “shit” to the PRESIDENT!

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