Happy St Paddy’s Day!

March 17, 2007 at 12:35 pm | Posted in Irish | 6 Comments

Here is my wonderful Aunt Sandy and her pup Maggie.  The pets get dyed green to show their true Irish side.  I’d dye my fish too but they probably wouldn’t appreciate it as much as Maggie does.  🙂

My sister and Laura are on their way for a night of celebrating with me and the Malones.  We’re going to live it up Irish style.

How will you spend your Irish day?


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  1. “Top of the morn’in to ya!”

    Have a sooper dooper St.Patricks day and do not over do the Guinness due to the black poo poos you will be A’vin!

  2. I spent St Patricks day washing clothes, shopping for groceries, and doing 101 menial chores that I don’t get a chance to do in the week because I’m working ridiculous hours at the moment…

    Green dogs rock 🙂

  3. Marched in our local ST. Patricks Day parade with my CIvil War reenactment regiment. We portray company I of the 116th PA which was the only Irish Brigade company raised in Pittsburgh. Pictures here

    We’re the guys in the blue uniforms!

  4. Hope your St. Pat’s was rockin’! We had a housewarming party here in Somerville, where I am now…and wow, was it quite the party…I can’t tell you how much beer we bought b/c it’s a little frightening to see printed, but it was well worth the effort. 🙂

  5. Aww Laur. Maggie Rose was soo proud to be on your blog.. I hope you guys had a blast for your St Paddy’s Day.. We had the kids, Gramma Burke, Gar and Rand for corned beef n cabbage on Sunday..Next year ye can dye your water green for the fish lol.. I love you, A.Sanny

  6. Oh my goodness!
    I so wanted to do this to my Yellow lab this year!

    Hope you had a good Irish day.
    I am not Irish at all but my boyfriend was born there, so I live vicariously through him.
    We drank green beer all night!

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