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March 8, 2007 at 12:29 pm | Posted in Help a sister out | 19 Comments

Sean and I like to have this argument:

Since he is ten years older than I am and a whopping thirty-three already, he likes to claim that he is middle aged.  Usually, he claims that he is middle-aged when he is tired and doesn’t want to do something, or when I attempt to get him to sleep with me more than once a week.  Okay, so I’m not serious about that once a week thing.

Wikipedia doesn’t even seem to want to help.  The OED says middle age is between 45 and 60.   The US Census includes both age categories of 35 to 44 and 45 to 54.

I told Sean that I would ask the bloggers what they considered was middle aged, and he told me to make sure I mention to you all that he is balding slightly to further help his case that he is old.

Personally, I think he is a mere baby at 33 and should stop talking such nonsense just to get out of doing the dishes.  Especially when I am the dishes.


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  1. sorry sean but i’ve got you beat by a couple of years and no oldie moldie here ~ i think that 50 is the new 30 and 50 is middle aged and old isn’t even on their faces (based on the amazing 50 year old women I know) … course men are a whole different breed but I know a lot of 40-50 year old musicians who still rock like the are twenty so I think it still stands.

    I’m going with 50 being middle aged. so go help with the dishes, lol …

  2. I always thought 40 was the mark for “middle age”. Beyond that, I think you stop being middle aged at about 65. By my estimation, Sean has another 7 years before he can officially use that excuse. Besides, isn’t he supposed to feel young and energetic because he’s with you?

  3. I’m 40 but I don’t consider myself “middle aged”. I think it’s at 50 like Daisies!

  4. according to wikipedia, the average lifespan for people living in the US, is between 77-78 under ideal conditions..

    so wouldnt that put middle age around 39? He’s got a few more years before he can use that excuse!

  5. Ditto what Becky said. Half of the average life expectancy. That being said, it’s true that he is probably past his sexual prime 😉

  6. P.S. I love your new banner!

  7. Age is just a number.

  8. If 50 is the new 40, and 40 is the new 30 then 33 must be the new 23…..

    or put another way, he is as old as the woman he feels.

  9. I just turned 50 and I think that would be the start of middle age. But,as Sarah D. said. “Age is just a number”. Although, I got to join AARP for the discounts.

  10. I started getting AARP stuff in the mail..GRRRRRR I think they are mistaken. THERE IS NO 50 yr OLD AT MY ADDRESS!! Ok, I may be 50, but feel like Im 20 and having a ball. Age is just a number. I act younger then I did when I was 20.. I dont take things as seriously as I once did.Life is wayy to short.. Its fun being nuts lol.. SO I would say that there is actually NO MORE MIDDLEAGEDOM!! ITS EXTINCT.. like I figure like they say the 50s are the new 30s.. when we are 60, we will be 40,and 70 then we will be 50.Then we will be dead and wont have to worry about it lolllllll.That sounds just grand to me lol.How bout you other 50 and overs?

  11. I’m 43. If I live to around 86 that would make me ‘middle aged’ right now.

    Of course middle aged doesn’t mean that I’ve given up on life. I intend to live life to the full whatever my age so I don’t care what tags people put on me.

  12. I think one’s definition of ‘middle aged’ changes as one gets older.. ha! Sean middle aged? 40.. yes. 33.. not so much.
    As long as he takes care of himself…
    My idea of middle aged, and when I may have reached it was seriously challenged last year after getting a cancer diagnosis. Now? I’m fighting damn hard to live all these years I expect to be around to annoy my kids!

  13. 0-16 Kid
    17-25 Young adult
    26-35 Adult
    36-55 Middle aged
    56-65 Senior
    66+ Nuisance to society

  14. What Aunt Sanny said…

  15. except i’m not quite 50.

  16. I’m 34 (woohoo to me). I got a birthday card saying “You are 5” – and a badge.

  17. Okay, I just turned 46 a week ago and I don’t consider myself middle aged yet. I think middle age hits around 55. Truthfully, I am looking forward to middle age. By then, all but one of my kids will be gone from home, I will have more money in my bank account on a weekly (and practically HOURLY) basis, I will have my own car back, my own make-up and hair dryer back and I won’t really give a s**t what anyone thinks!

    Until then…I am simply woman!

  18. Like Sari I’m seeing middle ago ahead of me and I’m 61. I guess it’s all about your attitude and taking care of yourself.

  19. Middle aged would have to be something in the late forties because men live to be at least 90 generally speaking.

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