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Sean has twin sisters; Shannon and Kourtney. And since Sean and I have been together I’ve gotten very close them. I consider them family and love them as if they were my own sisters. I’ve always been closer to Kourtney (she’s on the right in this picture), mostly because she lives with us and we’ve had more time together to bond. I love Shannon, too, but we’ve never really had the opportunity to hang out–just the two of us–until today.

I gladly went to Wal*Mart and picked up Peter Pan for Shannon because the baby was at home with a fever and Shan didn’t want to take her out in this cold weather. And since I was over during naptime, Shannon cooked us popcorn and we drank Cokes and talked for hours. I’m so happy we got to sit and do nothing together.

And I just love them both.

Twins are quite entertaining. It’s so great to watch Shannon do impressions of her sister, because she makes the exact face that Kourt makes–and when I say exact I mean precise, identical and if I didn’t know any better it IS Kourt’s face. I rarely get the two of them confused, allthough one time I saw Kourtney in the mirror as I was brushing my teeth and was absolutely positive that Shannon was standing behind me. I tell them that they are mirror twins because they part their hair on different sides and if they ever want to confuse me, they should simply repart and wallah!


We decided to name the fishes Pita (A) and Simon (B)! Thanks for all of your help. All of your names were awesome.

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