Name the fishes contest!!!

March 4, 2007 at 9:27 pm | Posted in fish | 15 Comments

Here is where you can make a difference in the lives of two sweet little Goldfish. Sean and I have decided to let YOU name our new babies!

Here they are! Drumroll please…

Fish A

Fish B

You can name them after your crazy bearded hippie uncle, or your first pet. Name them after your favorite coworker, or your favorite movie star. Or get your kids involved and make this a fun family project. The possibilities are endless!

both fishes

So leave your favorite names in comments and please be specific on which fish you think best fits each name. For example, if you think Fish B looks more like a Chuck than Fish A, tell me who your name will be for.

Let’s put on our thinking caps and name these babies to make them feel more at home in their new home!

(Names of our other fish are Ella, Molly, Spud, Lir, Storm, Cammie, Lucy, Indie, Luna, Egor, Chuck, Poe, Miller, Bo, Leah, and Patrick Ireland.)

Good luck everyone and may the best name win!


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  1. Fish B – Buddy
    Fish A – Holly

    [brushing off hands…]

  2. Fish A – Little Lauren
    Fish B – Sean Junior

  3. How about these???

    A: Harvey (glass banger-not wall banger) 😉

    B: Sushi

  4. Fish B…Cloe

    Fish A…Simon

  5. Fish A: Pita Bread
    Fish B: Neil Patrick Harris or Doogie Howser

  6. Okay, crap. It was the other way around…little girl Cloe is Fish A and Simon is Fish B.

    And to think that they let me name four kids…!

  7. Fish A: Maggie (short for Magenta)
    Fish B: He looks like a tough guy…should have a name like. Fred, Frank, or Hugo….

  8. Fish A- Princess
    Fish B- Camo

  9. Haha, you’re all great. Keep at it! To clarify: Most of our goldfish have boy names (except for Leah and that is only because she’s been getting it on with Patrick and so we figure we either have a male on male love interest or a girl), but fish are fish and I have no way of telling if they are boys or girls so feel free to pick boy OR girl names. We’re not saying that B is a definite boy and A a girl.

  10. Fish A – Spot
    Fish B – He looks like he is covered in chocolate frosting or like a Bavarian Cream Donut so; Frosty or Klaus.

  11. Guys, I think Lottie is a good name for she she fish and Murry is a good name for the he fish.. Love, A. Sanny

  12. I like the names Fish A and Fish B. Maybe it’s just seeing them labeled like that.

  13. If that’s too corny:
    Fish A: Baby Ruth
    Fish B: Snickers

  14. Um..
    Frick and Frack?
    Lucy and Ethel?
    Thelma and Louise?
    Laurel and Hardy?
    Tom and Jerry?

    Just thinkin’…


  15. Fish A – “Coco”
    Fish B – “Dexter”

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