My ideal and very ugly children

March 1, 2007 at 4:55 pm | Posted in fish | 6 Comments


I was told when I bought goldfish that they are especially messy fish. I think the term “dirty” was thrown in a few times as well. And the first time that Sean ever saw one of our goldfish poop, it was if he was seeing a lunar eclipse for the first time.

“What is that!?” Sean asked, and when I told him it was poop he acted shocked and appalled at the same time. Perhaps this reaction was due to the fact that goldfish poop is as long as the goldfish itself. Thankfully we have a great filtration system, so that their digestive systems don’t get in the way of us loving them incredibly much.

Having goldfish is sort of like having children. They poop just as much, if not more, and they are constantly wanting to be fed. Lucky for us, the fish don’t require a college education and they don’t talk back.

I think perhaps I need to get out of the house more often. Anyone want to hire me to pet sit?


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  1. And as long as the filtration system is working, their poop doesn’t stink. That’s another difference between fish and children. A big, big difference.

  2. Lauren,

    While it would be silly for you to come to PA to pet sit my annoying cat, I do have a job for you. Maybe. I was wondering if you could take portraits of my sisters and I sometime. I stress “sometime” because both of my sisters live in Boston, one of whom works 40 hours a week and goes to school at night, and the other is a medical resident who works around 90 hours a week. Oh yeah, and I live in PA. So I don’t know when. BUT, sometime, would you? Because that would be nice.


  3. You bet, Niamh! It will have to be sometime in the later future because my camera shutter broke today. But I plan on getting it fixed soon. Always lovely to hear from you!

  4. Definitely get out of the house on Saturday night for an actual honest-to-goodness lunar eclipse! It will be longer than a string of goldfish poop and at least as interesting to watch. Details here:

  5. Fish poop is EXACTLY why I don’t eat fish. It isn’t that I don’t like the taste of fish — there is just something icky about eating something that swims around in its poop.
    Don’t EVEN start telling me about how pigs roll around in their poop — I like pork too much to care.

  6. Oooh,you should HOUSESIT! 🙂

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