I love you internet!

February 28, 2007 at 5:18 pm | Posted in Happy, Love for the internet | 12 Comments

I’ve met very few people in real life after reading their blogs, but those I have met and still those I have yet to meet have changed my life in countless ways. Two years back I met Andy for some swimming and he turned out to be an absolute riot. We stuck ice buckets on our heads and played guitar and had an all-around great time whilest he was on his travels and ended up in my wee little state for a short period.

And more recently, I met Binky and absolutely fell in love with her and her entire family.

Binky and TolbyShe lives in Connecticut too, and we first met at a park to take pictures of her adorable daughter.

We had been following each other around the internet via blogs and emails for quite some time and meeting her felt much like a date without the sex appeal (of course, if we were both lesbians we would already have left our men and filed for a civil union because that’s how cool she is), butterflies in stomach were included.

I was very nervous to meet the pair and came out of that day at the park loving them both as if I had known them for ages.

Binky and I like to compete for who has the messier bedroom and when her little darling baby says “thank you” or falls down and says “uh oh” with no tears, I realize how much I love the internet for introducing me to such awesome people.

Like this morning, for instance.  An internet friend of mine in Detroit  who knows what it feels like to be unemployed–that whole not really knowing what purpose I serve in the world feeling–sent me a picture message this morning of his son Max (Hi Max!) to brighten my day. I’ve been smiling all day because I know that there are some really cool people out there that think of me even though they’ve never actually talked with me face to face. It’s nice to know that I have friends like you all over the world.

There really is nothing like the internet. You all rock my socks.

In comments: have you ever met anyone from the internet? What was it like? Are you still friends? Did you later file for a restraining order? 🙂

In other news, filing taxes sucks.


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  1. Awww, now I’m feeling all warm and fuzzy inside 🙂 The Internet truly does rock all kinds of socks. Hey, unemployment has its upside, too–your schedule is freed up so that we can finally see each other again! You know where to find me…

  2. I met my husband through AOL love and we will be married 5 years this April. We have one beautiful daughter.

  3. I have met internet friends…They were just as I thought they would be. I knew them long enough to feel that I *knew* them. Lots of fun! It was just so great to be in their presence. We’ve remained friends, and I hope to see them again.


    Now, all you kids out there, don’t try this at home. Results may differ.

  4. I haven’t met anyone in person from the internet for years, but I fancy myself a pioneer in the practice. I was an AOL 1.2 beta user in 1992, and quickly discovered how many cool and crazy people are out there. I met a number of them — sometimes solo, sometimes in groups — usually at my favorite jazz club in Seattle (Dimitriou’s Jazz Alley, just in case you’re ever there and like good music).

    Although there were a few from whom I very quickly distanced myself, overall my experience was that everyone was very nice. I ran an online poetry group, and what an eclectic and fascinating group of people that was!

    And the piece de resistance, I met online the man who eventually became my husband. Not through an online dating service (because, if they existed at that point, I was unaware of them), but just from having a random conversation. We’ve been married nine years. 🙂

  5. Wow, it seems the internet is the place to meet studs! Unfortunately, I met my stud at a biker bar, which is only half as cool as meeting him online.

  6. I have not met any other bloggers from the internet.
    But I am planning on going to BlogHer in July and meeting up with some wonderful chicas then! Woohoo!

    My Taxes are D.O.N.E.
    You can be jealous that’s cool 🙂
    Have a good Thursday!

  7. Oh that comment from 3chicksandtheirpics is me.
    I forgot I was logged into my wordpress account,
    Check out the new blog though Beginning monday march 5th.
    It’s going to be awesome.

  8. The only internet person I met is a year ago when I went to a funeral home an hour and a half away so I could hug the wife of a man who died of a brain tumor. It was so very nice — I talked to her for a total of probably 10 minutes — but it was worth the trip.
    I am also planning a trip to downtown Chicago of a blogger friend who lost her husband to a brain tumor this past August. We plan to meet in a restaurant.
    I would LOVE to meet you Lauren — to sit and chat with each other in person would be absolutely awesome.

  9. the internet so totally rocks and how funny my post is all about meeting a blogger last week and how wonderful that was 🙂

    i’ve met a few bloggers and its always an amazing wonderful experience 🙂

  10. I’ve met quite a few, and they all tend to be local internet bloggers. SOme didn’t fit my internet perceptions of them, but they’ve all been wonderful men and women. Several of us get together every couple of weeks for beer, hotdogs, and chat at a local watering hole.

  11. I always hear about people who meet online and then meet in real life. But I don’t get how that all works. None of my internet buddies even live in the same state as me. Actually I don’t know any bloggers, save one, who live in Michigan. So I’ve just never had the pleasure of meeting any blogger friends in real life. Wish I did, I think it’d be fun!

  12. Glad it brightened your day sweetie you still brighten mine.

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