Sean Gretzky

February 25, 2007 at 10:40 pm | Posted in Happy, Love, Photographs, Video | 6 Comments

Well it seems I’ve found a new hobby. Before two weeks ago I had ice skated only once in my life. And between last weekend and this one, I’ve learned to skate backwards (barely), stop myself before I bust an assbone, and I’ve played hockey for the first time.

I’m ridiculously sore from all of my four giant falls on the ice. My left side aches when I laugh and I involuntarily jump anytime my cocyx hits a hard surface. But DAMN, ice skating is fun. We went early in the morning, in the mid afternoon, and at night under the stars. I’d go everyday if we had an uncrowded rink nearby.

You have to see Sean skate. He’s been on the ice since he was walking so he’s pretty darned good at it. Sean holds my hands and skates backwards while I fumble around trying to skate forwards without falling. He speed skates and then stops himself with a spray of the ice and a jump of the feet. He’s really quite spectacular to watch.

Maybe I’m biased because I’m absolutely in love with him. You be the judge.

In other news, here is a video of me skating:

Pretty entertaining, if I can say so myself.

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