Tonight in Connecticut

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No tears here

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When I quit my landscaping job, I cried for two weeks straight. I felt almost as if someone very close to me had died. Quitting that job that I spent three years falling in love with was one of the hardest things I’ve ever done. I left not only a job but a family. They were a family of absolute misfits: some could barely walk, others spoke little English, most were a little crazy. And I loved them so much that the little money I brought home every two weeks didn’t matter. I was happy with my mangy and scruffy family of middle-aged boys.

This job? God, I’ve got about 10 more hours to go until I’m done with it forever, and I am regretting that there are that many hours left. The money is pretty good, and sometimes it’s great. But the hours are horrendous and the people are backstabbers–most of them anyway–and nothing is sacred. Everyone fucks over everyone else. No secret is kept. So I quit because I was tired of being everyone’s bitch, I quit because I was years away from getting health benefits, and I quit because I’d rather be doing something with my talents.

I’ll give you a for instance. Today when I told one woman that I was leaving, she pointed to the large pile of mail on the floor next to her and asked me when I was going to have the time to case her mail for her before I left tomorrow because she has a doctors appointment on Monday and she certainly can’t be bothered with her own duties. There were no “I’ll miss you”s or “See you later”s, it was the usual, “Do it now, Bitch” talk that I’ve been putting up with for the last eight months.

So instead of crying, I am finding myself overjoyed. Sean and I decided to hop back to Vermont for the weekend after work tomorrow to play in the snow because we can. Who knows what life has in store for me RE: a job, but honestly, I couldn’t care less at the moment. I’ll still get paid through the month and then our taxes will come in. Oh, the possibilities are endless and I am so excited.

Here’s us an hour ago with our new hockey sticks:

And without my ever-loving and supportive boyfriend, I probably wouldn’t have gone through with it. He is just so great.

I promise to be a more elaborate blogger when we return from VT on Sunday.

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