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February 13, 2007 at 5:09 pm | Posted in Agitated | 12 Comments

So here I am, working my way through horrendous back pain, delivering mail to the trailer park located immediately on the town line. The fact that I am ten feet away from the city line is the only reason I can think of to explain how such a filth-ridden cluster could possibly be a part of this rich town.

The old man, whom we will name “Creepy”, hobbles out of the nearby package store when he sees me drive close in the mail truck. He is toothless, in his mid-sixties, most likely drunk, wearing red flannels and a beaver hat.

“Are you the new mailman?” Creepy asked
“Only for today” I replied
“That’s a shame. Well at least I have something to look at today.”

No reply from me here.

Creepy stands next to the several cluster boxes that house the trailer park mail and looks me up and down for the entire five minutes that it takes me to rush through the delivery; stares at me with that look as if he is memorizing my features to whack off to later.

As soon as I finish the mail I drive away and call Sean.

“I’m quitting this job!” I tell him through half tears. “Maybe not today, maybe not next month, but I am quitting.”

Sean agrees. I don’t care about the money, I’m better than this.


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  1. It’s strange, because when I was a receptionist, I felt exactly the same way hundreds of times. Mailman and Receptionist are two very different jobs, but I guess they share a certain amount of degradation. I always had some business man flirting with me, making inappropriate comment about my body, or just treating me like I wasn’t human. I can remember saying exactly the same thing to Jack numerous times- “I’m better than this”. The fact is, you most definitely are. My thoughts are with you, and I think I know exactly how you feel.

  2. In a way I can relate.

    I used to take care of a little girl with cerebral palsey. I worked in the family’s home. One day I decided to take the little girl out to enjoy the warm spring day. As we sat on the blanket listening to her kid music and playing with her toys, the neighbor man who was known to watch me arrive and leave work every day, approached me and asked me to show up to work some time in a bikini. I made it a point to make sure his wife knew what he asked me to do. He didn’t like me so much after that.

    Wonder what that guy who was looking at you would do if you turned and faced him and started scratching your armpits and picked your nose and farted. Maybe that would snap him out of his little fantasy that he was living through.

  3. i came over here to tell you how much i liked chiquita but i now want to drive to the city limits of your town and throw a smack-down on that creep.

    hopefully you won’t have to go back.

  4. Good for you! And if you remind yourself of that goal every day, you will be constantly working on making it happen, consciously or subconsciously.

    Meanwhile, I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you that a magical angel investor shows up with an offer to give you gobs of money for your photography. 🙂

  5. Creepy is right. I wish for you a career that never feels like work–something involving photography, perhaps? ;). I know you don’t like to accept money for pictures, but there’s got to be a way to come up with something that satisfies your philosophy and your wallet. A book, maybe? The possibilities are really exciting.

  6. I just noticed you were reading “The Things They Carried” on your other blog. I was wondering if that’s where the URL for this site came from. Also, forgive me if I’m being redundant, but have I told you my favorite quote, EVER? You’ll know it once I start (also forgive me if I don’t get it exactly right, it might’ve mutated a bit in my head all these years I’ve been carrying it around and using it)…

    “…you can’t change what can’t be changed, there it is, there it absolutely and positively and fucking well is.”

    Does it get any truer or better stated than that?

  7. I’m kinda speechless. I want to be encouraging, but I don’t know how. I’m glad Sean is there for you. I’d make a terrible husband, it appears.

  8. There are Creepys everywhere I’m afraid. You need to be a full time photographer that is what you need to be!

  9. Why does he tease you so! Are you sure he is worthy of you?

  10. oops that was meant for another blog!

  11. ugh! Creepy in a bad way.

    The photo is beautiful…

  12. Oh dude. That’s just… ew. Glad you quit.

    On the flip side, a friend of mine got hit on by her mailman, when he was giving her a ride down the street because she’d just been hit-on/followed by a couple of creepy homeless dudes. Is there no respect?!

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